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Cloud Platforms

Collaborations and Partnerships

Across all our activities, our team works with internal IBM product organizations as well as with IBM customers. We engage directly in the development and delivery of projects, partnering with the following IBM business units:

We routinely work with standards organizations to set systems and storage industry standards. The CBCS standard for secure access to networked storage is one recent example of our work in this area. Our team conceived and developed this standard and then led the process of its approval by the T10 standards body.

  • Lastly, we collaborate with European academic and industrial organizations on projects of mutual interest. These include the following:

  • VISION Cloud

    VISION Cloud

    This is a pioneering EU FP7 project, in which we lead a consortium of 15 European companies and universities. We aim to develop an advanced infrastructure for the secure delivery of data-intensive storage services with guaranteed QoS, featuring comprehensive data mobility and interoperability, a rich data model, safe and efficient computation close to the storage, and content-centric access.



    This is an EU FP7 project that focuses on energy management in modern data centers. In this project, we work with partners across Europe to develop tools and methods for planning energy-efficient IT infrastructures in line with the emerging global trend of Green IT.

  • IOLanes


    This is an FP7 project that pursues advancements in the scalability and performance of I/O subsystems in multicore platforms. In this project, we work on hypervisor design and implementation, focusing on high-performance I/O in virtualized environments.