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Computing as a Service

IBM Research - Haifa

Cloud Platforms

The mission of the Cloud Platforms team at IBM Research – Haifa is to develop cutting-edge systems, storage and networking technologies for IBM's advanced IT products and services. Our team focuses on system software and architecture, including advanced cloud computing technologies, and supports IBM Server, Networking and Storage product lines and IBM Services business units.

We are in particularly interested in the field of Cloud Computing, and we put a lot of effort on developing technologies to support this powerful concept, as a part of the IBM Cloud Computing portfolio. In particular, our work in system software focuses on the areas of virtualization and systems management, which we believe are primary enabling technologies in making Cloud Computing a marketplace reality. The division's activities in this area influence a wide range of IBM system products, including IBM's PureSystems, IBM's System x (with a focus on blade servers), IBM's System p, IBM System z, IBM Systems Director, and more. Lastly, focusing on networking, we have recently embarked on an aggressive project to develop new data center networking technology, aiming at proving network virtualization capabilities to support cloud-scale application delivery. First results of this work, including the breakthrough DOVE technology, have been reported in in IBM's Open Data Center Interoperable Network (ODIN) roadmap.

Our work in the area of storage systems focuses on developing new functions for data protection and availability, long-term data preservation, and storage optimization. A special focus area of our team is storage support for Cloud Computing. In this project, we investigate the architectural challenges of designing a highly scalable and cost-effective storage infrastructure, allowing to easily store and access data objects, and mobilize them across the Cloud.

During the recent years, our team has achieved several landmarks in computer system technologies state-of-the-art. Our team was instrumental in designing an Infiniband-based I/O architecture for tIBM's rapidly-accepted XIV Gen 3 Storage product that already has thousands of installations worldwide, delivering unprecedented breakthroughs in storage performance. As pioneers in virtualization technology, we played a key role in the development of IBM's Virtualization Manager Software, announced in late 2006. This technology was recognized as the winner of the ServerWatch Product Excellence Award for 2007, and honored with the prestigious IBM Research Division Accomplishment Award for 2007. Subsequently, in 2008-2010, we have architected and developed the IBM's System Pools technology, now available as a major component of IBM's VMControl product. Some earlier well-known accomplishments of our department are (1) the invention of the now standard and highly popular iSCSI protocol for storage networks; (2) the Object Storage paradigm, which is now being embraced by the global leading providers of cloud storage; (3) contributions to IBM's Blue Gene supercomputer; and (4) our work on the advanced Copy Services in IBM's flagship storage platform. For these and other achievements, our team has been recognized multiple times by various honors, such as recognition of some of our team members as 2003 InfoWorld Innovators.



Senior Manager

Dagan Gilat, Senior Manager Cloud Platforms, IBM Research - Haifa

: Senior Manager Cloud Platforms, IBM Research - Haifa