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IBM Research - Haifa

OpenStack Contributions

The Systems Department at the IBM Haifa Research Laboratory is an OpenStack center of competence, and one of the largest IBM groups actively involved in the Open Stack community. We have several teams of researchers and engineers who are involved in OpenStack work, through IBM internal projects and external industrial and scientific collaborations.

Our contributions to OpenStack include (but are not limited to) the following activities:

Contribution Status OpenStack Module Comments
Volume driver for IBM Storwize and SVC storage system Merged Cinder Blog post, documentation
Pluggable service heartbeat mechanism, DB-based and ZooKeeper-based implementation Merged (Grizzly release) Nova Joint with AT&T. Blog post
VM recovery from a failed host Merged (Grizzly release) Nova  
Differentiated CPU entitlement Approved for Havana release Nova May be delayed to Icehouse release
Semi-automated evacuation of VMs from a failed host Approved for Havana release, Under Review Nova Collaboration with the community
Support for multiple active scheduler policies/configurations Approved for Havana, Under Review Nova  
Support for placement groups Approved for Havana, Under Review Nova Joint with Red Hat, Cisco and VMware
Volume migration for detached volumes Merged Cinder  
Volume migration for attached volumes Merged Cinder  
Swift Apache Interface Merged Swift  
Swift Account ACLs In progress Swift  

"IBM Research's OpenStack contributions, namely Nova-volume and Cinder drivers, are starting to wend their way into more products."

Industry Commentator,