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ENSURE - Enabling kNowledge, Sustainability, Usability and Recovery for Economic value

Guaranteeing long term usability for the spiraling amounts of digital data being produced or owned by organizations with commercial interests has now become a major problem. How will medical organizations be able to read today's medical records for a patient in twenty-five years? How will enterprises be able to preserve the intrinsic value in their data for the long term?

Lead by IBM Research – Haifa, the ENSURE project aims to significantly extend the state of the art in digital preservation by drawing on real world use cases from the world of healthcare, clinical trials, and financial services.

Sponsored by the European Union's Framework Programme 7 initiative and with a total of 13 European industrial and academic partners, ENSURE started in February 0f 2011, and will run for three years.

While the majority of previous work in preservation has aimed at preserving relatively homogenous cultural heritage data, ENSURE has taken a new approach, innovating in these four areas:

  • Evaluate the cost, economic benefit, and the quality of different system-proposed preservation solutions, enabling the selection of the most cost-effective solution.
  • Build on proven lifecycle management approaches to manage the preservation lifecycle, ensuring regulatory compliance, allowing changes in the preservation approach to reflect environmental changes, addressing evolution of ontologies, and managing the quality of the digital objects over time.
  • Ensure long-term data protection, addressing changes in personally identifiable information, new and evolving regulations, managing user identities over decades, etc.
  • Demonstrate how to use emerging IT technologies to enable scalable solutions for long term digital preservation, considering in particular cloud storage and virtual application image capture.

More information can be found on the ENSURE web site.

What IBM can offer:

IBM offers its expertise both for funded joint research, as well as licensing in the following areas related to ENSURE technologies:

  • OAIS objects on the cloud, including
    • AIP Service – ingest and access of AIPs, management of AIPs metadata such as assigning AIP IDs, handling AIP versions, recording provenance, managing representation information including virtual machines, assigning different retention and preservation policies, access data with virtual machines.
    • Fixity Service – flexible periodic fixity (integrity) checks where multiple loadable fixity modules can be used and the fixity values are stored in a standard PREMIS (v2) format.
  • Virtual machines/virtual appliance preservation for the cloud
  • Data security for healthcare

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