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Cloud Architectures and Networking

Cloud scale Data Centers and use cases impose new challenges on all the layers of the compute stack and of the interconnect. We address these challenging by researching advanced aspects of Cloud Platforms Infrastructure. We focus on Core Systems Architecture and Networking, to benefit existing and emerging cloud workloads such as Cloud Storage and Big Data processing, Machine Learning and Deep Learning, cognitive computing and IoT.

Research Areas


Core System Architectures

Object Store

Cloud Networking

Storage Technologies

Cloud Visualization and Troubleshooting

Core Systems Architecture activities aim to improve end to end IO performance by innovating in OS and hypervisor layers. In addition, the team researches new system architectures, working on design, prototyping, calibration, and performance tuning.

Cloud Networking research covers all aspects of connectivity in the cloud – Data Center Networks (DCN), Data Center Interconnects (DCI) and Cloud Federation, network virtualization, Software Defined Networking (SDN), cloud-ready network services, etc.

In CogNETive! we create a tool set to facilitate efficient and effective operation of cloud systems at a very large scale. We combine our cloud and networking expertize with cognitive computing techniques to help operators see through complex cloud systems and troubleshoot them.


Kathy Barabash, Manager Cloud Architectures and Networking, IBM Research - Haifa

Manager Cloud Architectures and Networking, IBM Research - Haifa