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Mobile and Industry Solutions

IBM Research - Haifa

Event-driven Decision & Smart Mobile Platforms

The Event-driven Decision & Smart Mobile Platforms department has several activities:

  • Spatio-temporal aware services for IBM platforms
  • Smart client and mobile platforms
  • Event processing and event modeling

Spatio-Temporal Aware Services for IBM Platforms

Our work in the area of spatio-temporal location intelligence is aimed at integrating location awareness into IBM transaction processing leadership.

Location has become an integral part of our daily business, most notably when using smartphones, cars, or any involvement with moving objects. This has become especially prominent in industries that focus on logistics, such as travel and transportation, automotive, and others. But the location data that flows in our transactional middleware is being ignored, and its management is left to the developer. A systematic approach to using this data for spatio-temporal aware decisions, monitoring, and analytics will bring added value to many potential enterprises and consumers who work with spatio-temporal data on a daily basis.

The main business value is the ability to support contextual mobile for the engaging enterprises by establishing a consumable middleware to consistently run and manage insight-to-action with spatio-temporal information.

Mobile use cases can leverage spatio-temporal information to drive decisions and optimize processes. However, sensing and acting upon spatio-temporal information is error-prone, complex, and expensive.

Our spatio-temporal aware work elevates IBM middleware from plain mobile use cases to a new level of valuable services. It allows mobile to be used in a context and introduce new business opportunities. Moreover, combining mobile applications with decision-making and monitoring capabilities makes it easier to provide content and packages relevant to different industries.

Our work in location-aware intelligence provides a consumable, high-level approach to collecting, analyzing, monitoring, deciding, and acting upon spatio-temporal information.

Smart Client and Mobile Platforms

In this area, our team specializes in the study and development of simplified tools and platforms for developing, deploying, and managing enterprise applications using cutting-edge Web 2.0 technologies. The platforms we develop target knowledge workers and highlight operation simplicity, consumability, and excellent user experience.

Our work focuses on two major areas:

  • Mobile application platform: A platform for the rapid development, packaging, and distribution of enterprise mobile applications, across platforms, providing a secure and scalable manner for connecting to the existing enterprise backend services and information.
  • Case management platform extensions: This work takes case management and business process management up a level to adaptive case management, where processes and tasks are not necessarily planned in advance but often discovered and described on-the-fly. We explore how business users and entry-level developers think about case handling and flows, and provide a simplified user experience for those users.

Event Processing and Event Modeling

Our work in this area focuses on developing an implementation-independent model that can serve to enable business control over the logic of awareness and reaction.

The benefits of this event processing model include the following:

  • Governance by business users
  • Simplification of the design and implementation of event-driven systems
  • Business logic expressed in a declarative way in a set of tables
  • Automatic code generation
  • Technology independence – the designer does not need to be familiar with specific product


David Botzer, Manager Event-driven Decision & Smart Mobile Platforms, IBM Research - Haifa

: Manager Event-driven Decision & Smart Mobile Platforms, IBM Research - Haifa