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Smart Decision Solutions

With the pervasive adoption of location-aware technologies and other sensors in mobile devices, software systems, and hardware architecture, today's smarter systems need to be able to sense, analyze, monitor, predict, and response to space- and time-based situations. Our group's mission is to develop a wide range of space-time aware technologies and tools and integrate them into IBM products, solutions, and services.

Our technologies and projects cover a wide range of functional areas including:

  • Collection, storage, and indexing of Big Data stemming from sensor events, including mobile devices
  • Geospatial, temporal, and spatiotemporal processing and analytics
  • Interactive map based visualization for near real-time monitoring of data-in-motion
  • Visual pattern mining in historical Big Data (visual analytics)
  • Detection and responding to space-time aware situations
  • Triggering actuators, alerts, and notifications as part of business rules and automated decisions (operational decision management)
  • Predicting events and responding to situations ahead of time (proactively)

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Key Technology Areas

Our teams are actively involved in doing research in areas such as proactive event-driven computing, geographic information systems, graphics and visualization, visual analytics and data mining, cloud computing, mobile computing, and optimization.


Jonathan Bnayahu, Manager Smart Decision Solutions, IBM Research - Haifa

: Manager Smart Decision Solutions, IBM Research - Haifa

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