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MessageSight Persistent Message Store

The Persistent-Store is an important component of IBM MessageSight. The Persistent-Store provides the basic services for persistent messaging, such as those defined by JMS persistent messages and MQTT QoS 1 and 2.

The Persistent-Store facilitates the fault tolerance capabilities for a single MessageSight appliance. While the MessageSight appliance is running, critical data is persisted to the Persistent-Store. In case the MessageSight appliance fails, it is able to recover using the information that is kept in the Persistent-Store.

The Persistent-Store is based on an efficient combination of non-volatile random access memory (NVRAM) and disk storage. This combination allows for both an extremely fast persistent store and a large size.

The store holds data that must survive restarting the appliance. The data in the store consists primarily of messages that are buffered for delivery to clients. Other information held in the store includes durable subscriptions and message acknowledgements.