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MessageSight High Availability

IBM MessageSight might experience outages both planned and unplanned. High availability (HA) pertains to the ability of messaging services to withstand outages and continue providing processing capability.

The HA nature of IBM MessageSight is its ability to withstand software or hardware outages so that it is available as much of the time as possible. These outages might be planned events, such as maintenance and backups, or unplanned events, such as software failures, hardware failures, power failures, and disasters.

For IBM MessageSight, a pair of appliances is identified as:

  • Primary - The appliance that is processing messages
  • Standby - The appliance to which the primary appliance is replicated

The persistent store of the primary appliance is replicated to the standby appliance. The standby appliance uses the replicated data to construct a Persistent-Store that is identical to the Persistent-Store of the active appliance. The standby appliance monitors the health of the active appliance. On failure of the active appliance, the standby appliance activates itself by constructing the IBM MessageSight server state from the data in the persistent store.