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LLM for Financial Markets

Today's financial markets demand a comprehensive infrastructure that incorporates high-throughput/low-latency message delivery with efficient, fast, high-availability services. LLM technology addresses the needs of financial services by offering a robust, reliable, and scalable solution that includes all these vital features.

LLM includes a very rich set of feature that allows users to customize their solution to work optimally based on their particular requirements, including the following:

  • High throughput and ultra low latency. LMM's innovative technology enables delay-free, high-speed data delivery. LLM's end-to-end latency is below two microseconds and it is capable of delivering more than 100 million messages per second.
  • Multiple protocols and transports. LLM can use a variety of protocols. In addition to standard IP-based ethernet, LLM is capable of using RDMA technologies such as InfiniBand and RoCE. LLM interacts directly with the InfiniBand verbs achieving the lowest possible latency. For IPC (Inter Process Communication) LLM supports ultrafast message delivery over shared memory. LLM supports both unicast and multicast communication over transport protocols such as UDP, TCP, raw IP, InfiniBand UD, InfiniBand RC, and shared memory.
  • Multiple Quality-of-Service levels. LLM topics can be configured with different levels of reliability, including unreliable service, unordered and ordered reliable delivery, and assured (once and once only) delivery. Both negative-acknowledge (Nack) and positive-acknowledge (Ack) based feedback are supported.
  • Fast message filtering. LLM supports multiple ways for filtering messages. This allows for fine-grained efficient data multiplexing and filtering in clients.
  • Congestion management. LLM includes a rich set of tools for handling different forms of congestion, including slow consumers, Nack storms, network congestion, and more.
  • Monitoring. LLM provides easy-to-use monitoring that allows the user to easily monitor its messaging infrastructure.