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FIspace - Intelligent Logistics

Intelligent Perishable Goods Logistics addresses monitoring and environmental management issues of perishable goods as they flow through their supply chains so that waste is minimized and shelf life maximized, covering three use case trials:

  • Fish Distribution and (Re-)Planning – focuses on the planning of logistics and transport activities, including transport order creation, transport demand (re)planning, and distribution (re)scheduling
  • Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Quality Assurance – examines the management of deviations (transports, products) that affect the distribution process for fresh fruit and vegetables (transport plan, food quality issues), either deviation from the plan or other external events requiring re-planning
  • Flowers and Plants Supply Chain Monitoring – the monitoring and communication of transport and logistics activities focusing on tracking and tracing of shipments, assets and cargo, including quality conditions and simulated shelf life, focusin on cargo and asset quality tracking ("intelligent cargo"), shipment tracking ("intelligent shipment"), and lifecycle information tracking of cargo characteristics/cargo integration along the chain.