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FIspace Architecture

Seven major building blocks (called modules) constitute the FIspace platform, as show this figure and briefly introduced in the text below.


Core Layers / Tiers: The FIspace platform consists of the following three major tiers (or layers):

  • User Front-End: The User Front-End serves as the main point of access for users of the platform services and Apps, and constitutes a configurable and graphical user interface.
  • B2B Collaboration Core: The B2B Core ensures that all information and status up-dates are provided to each involved stakeholder in real-time. The B2B core allows for the creation, management, execution, and monitoring of collaborative business processes in the FIspace platform.
  • System and Data Integration: The System and Data Integration Layer allows for the integration of existing legacy and business systems as well as the integration of external systems and services. It includes facilities for data mediation.
  • App Store: The App Store provides the tool-supported infrastructure for providing, finding, and purchasing FIspace Apps, which provide reusable IT solutions for seamless business collaboration and can be used and combined for the individual needs of users.
  • Security, Privacy and Trust Framework: The Security, Privacy and Trust framework provides secure and reliable access and, where needed, exchange of confidential business information and transactions using secure authentication and authorization methods that meet required levels of security assurance. Authentication, authorization, and accounting technologies will provide user management and access control features.
  • Design and runtime Support: Two key elements of the FIspace platform provide support for design-time and run-time activities:
  • Software Development Toolkit: The SDK provides tool-support for the develop-ment of FIspace Apps. The SDK will ease the work of App developers during the im-plementation of the Apps, providing specific tools and hiding the complexity of the platform
  • Operating Environment: The Operating Environment ensures the technical in-teroperability and communication of (possibly distributed) FIspace components and FIspace Apps and the consistent behaviour of FIspace. Its main feature is the Cloud Service Bus (CSB) providing event bus and pub/sub capabilities.