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Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)

The cloud integration platform is the next-generation enterprise service bus framework, which enables an efficient interoperability of all software components deployed by various users from different industries to engage in a business collaboration process. The integrated ecosystem has to deal with a wide variety of applications, services and data sources—some are on-premises legacy, some are new software deployed in a private or community cloud, and some are third-party SaaS applications. All are using different communication protocols and data formats. The traditional ESB (enterprise service bus) products are centralized technologies that do not scale well, cannot support the integrated platforms, and do not run well in a cloud.

Our integration platform is based on a novel cloud service bus technology, fully distributed across the integrated ecosystem and able to efficiently connect all components, at any scale and with high performance characteristics.

The underlying communication fabric is a messaging technology running on top of a peer-to-peer overlay network, supporting eventual consistency quality of service, with a strong consistency for critical components.

Cloud integration platform outline
Cloud integration platform outline