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COMPOSE Expected Impact

COMPOSE strives for a strong impact on a developing market by lowering barriers to develop, select, combine, and use IoT-based standardized value-added services. This will be achieved by providing a complete ecosystem, and having it adopted by enterprises, SMEs, government-related bodies, and individual developers and end users.

We hope that opening the door to this realm for smaller entities will lead to higher innovation. COMPOSE expects to aid by fostering a developers' community and advocating an open source/interfaces.

  Project title

Collaborative Open Market to Place Objects at your SErvice

  Project coordinator

Benny Mandler, IBM Research – Haifa


  • Fraunhofer Institute FOKUS, (DE)
  • The Open University, (UK)
  • Barcelona Supercomputing Center, (ES)
  • INNOVA S.p.A, (IT)
  • University of Passau, (DE)
  • U-Hopper, (IT)
  • GEIE ERCIM (W3C), (FR)
  • Fundació Privada Barcelona Digital Centre Tecnològic (Bdigital), (ES)
  • Abertis Telecom, (ES)


36 months: Nov. 2012 – Oct. 2015