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BBSON (Bulletin Board over Service Overlay Network) is a reliable shared memory substrate, implemented on top of a peer-to-peer overlay network. By leveraging the peer-to-peer technology, BBSON is able to achieve high levels of robustness and scalability in a dynamic distributed system in which processes may fail or misbehave on a regular basis. BBSON was originally targeted to support data sharing between monitoring and control components of WebSphere Virtual Enterprise (WVE). It was later adopted by several AIM offerings in the cloud computing space (such as IBM Workload Deployer and PureApp Systems).

We developed BBSON in collaboration with Watson Research Center and AIM. It was one of the first projects to demonstrate that peer-to-peer technology can be successfully applied to obtain significant reliability gains in an enterprise-grade software product.

In 2014 BBSON work got IBM Corporate for its contribution to WAS VE.