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Smart Client Platforms

The Smart Client Platforms group specializes in the study and development of tools and platforms for developing, deploying, and managing enterprise applications using cutting edge Web 2.0, mobile and cloud technologies. The platforms we develop target skilled developers as well as knowledge workers and highlight operation simplicity, consumability, scalability, excellent user experience, while supporting high end security standards.

The group's activities are as follows:

  • Rapid mobile application development - providing a consumable, high level, integrated set of capabilities to construct LOB mobile applications and solutions with an order of magnitude improvement in development costs, maintenance and administration.
  • Enterprise mobile, cloud and system of records secure connectivity - providing an end-to-end security solutions that protects the enterprise data on its way from/to the cloud. The solution incorporates a secure tunnel between the enterprise and the cloud, seamlessly integrates with the enterprise data sources, allows fine-grained control over the data items that leave the enterprise boundaries, and conducts in-enterprise processing of data.
  • Mobile applications analysis - leveraging static and dynamic analysis to identify and collect semantic and syntactic anti-patterns and best practices for improving the application UX , performance, and reducing the energy consumption.
  • Web legacy, mobile enablement – mobile enabling of JSP and legacy web applications, through native on-device container, analyzing the application, performing automatic application transformation while leveraging the mobile device's native capabilities.


Idan Ben-Harrush, Manager Smart Client Platforms, IBM Research - Haifa

: Manager Smart Client Platforms, IBM Research - Haifa