IoT Platforms

The IoT Platforms group specializes in creating high performance messaging solutions, including ultra-low latency messaging, persistent messaging, and large-scale messaging. The team has vast expertise in the field of distributed computing, with a focus on high performance data exchange, high availability, clustering, group communication, and overlay networks.

Our major activities include:

IOT Platform

IBM's Watson IoT platform (WIoTP). Toward this effort, the team explores and develops solutions for high performance persistent messaging, high availability, and clustering technology to enable publish/subscribe at a very large scale. The team is working on different aspects of scalability, elasticity, and availability of WIoTP.

IOT Blockchain

The team conducts research centered on the blockchain technology, focusing on the Hyperledger Fabric open source project. Of special interest is exploration of the potential for combining the IoT and blockchain universes.

For that combination, we are looking at scalability aspects of the blockchain infrastructure itself, as well as the possible implications and potential benefits of connecting IoT devices to a blockchain network.


Idan Ben-Harrush, Senior Manager Cloud and IoT Foundations, IBM Research - Haifa