Smart Client Platforms

The Smart Client Platforms group specializes in research and development of programming languages, tools, and platforms for developing, deploying, and managing enterprise solutions, using state-of-the-art edge and cloud technologies. The platforms and tools we develop target skilled developers as well as knowledge workers, and highlight operation simplicity, consumability, scalability, and excellent user experience, while supporting high-end security standards.

Our major activities include:

Edge Fabric

Our group focuses on edge programming models and runtimes. Our goal is to provide a seamless experience for developers, extending cloud capabilities to the edge in a simple, secure and scalable manner.

Drone Services Platform

We are also developing a cognitive cloud-based platform for management, provisioning, and consumption of drones and drone-based services. This platform serves as a basis for an entire ecosystem encompassing developers, consumers, and providers of drone services for both indoor and outdoor scenarios. The data captured by the sensors is streamed to the platform, stored, and analyzed.


Nili Guy, Manager Smart Client Platforms, IBM Research - Haifa