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Business Optimization

The Business Optimization group focused on developing algorithms and tools that solve real life optimization problems, enhancing the business value and middleware capabilities of many IBM solutions, as part of IBM's smarter planet vision. With professional skills in both operation research and computer science, the group is active in domains such as travel and transportation, call centers, logistics, business processes, and water systems.

Our team has expertise in diverse fields as mathematical optimization (LP & MIP), stochastic modeling and analysis, modeling and simulation, and complex scheduling. The team also carries out ongoing work on customer assets such as Empty Container Repositioning, Airline Crew Pairing System (ECO), and Smarter Water.



Eitan Israeli, Manager Business Optimization, IBM Research - Haifa

: Manager Business Optimization, IBM Research - Haifa

Technical Leader

Segev Wasserkrug, IBM Research - Haifa

: IBM Research - Haifa