The Information Retrieval and Text Analytics Group focuses on bringing the right information to the right people in the right context and in the right way, as part of IBM Cognitive Computing Solutions and in particular IBM Watson products. The technology behind these solutions stems from the well-established computer discipline of information retrieval (IR), which focuses on the representation, storage, organization, and retrieval of unstructured data in general, and textual documents in particular. The main goal of this discipline is to further information discovery tasks such as question answering, searching and browsing. The problems solved are central to cognitive computing, which aims at supplementing human intelligence and expertise.

As part of these activities, the group develops core search technologies focusing on high quality information retrieval and deep understanding of users intend together with technologies for better understanding users through the analysis of behavior. In particular, the group is developing solutions in the domain of Affective Computing, understanding users' emotions, interpreting those emotions in a business context and communicating back to users in an emotional way.

The group works both on long-term theoretical research, shorter-term collaboration with product groups and directly with IBM customers.

Group members actively participate in the IR academic community. Members of the group publish papers in leading IR conferences and journals, participate in program committees, and organize workshops and panels.


David Konopnicki, Manager Information Retrieval and Text Analytics, IBM Research - Haifa