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Cognitive Analytics and Solutions

IBM Research - Haifa

Healthcare and Life Sciences

For over five years, Haifa researchers have been working to advance the state of the art in IT for healthcare and life sciences. The team is helping realize the vision of personalized medicine by creating infrastructure and tools in support of a unified phenotypic and genotypic information view. Activities include creation of an operating environment for cross enterprise document sharing following the IHE XDS profile, and promotion of EHR and our original concept of EHR banks. These activities empower clients with storage management systems, data integration for both structure and unstructured repositories, and innovative methods for analysis of large amounts of data. The team understands that standards and open systems are key for success, and are very active in the HL7 standards body, leading its Clinical Genomics SIG. The work also focuses on providing a healthcare practice based on standards, offering consultancy, help in RFI/RFP responses, and custom courses in the leading healthcare standards and formats.

Some of our technology highlights, include:

  • Integrated medical storage subsystem that stores, archives, and provides long term management for digital images and patient data. The system is agnostic to data sources and supports the predominant domain standards (i.e., DICOM, HL7). The system is scalable from small clinics to region-wide healthcare facilities.
  • Middleware that allows patient information from different sources to be conveniently accessed and shared by different organizations, while maintaining patient privacy, anonymity, and information security. In keeping with today's efforts to integrate medical information from diverse origins, we see ourselves as a provider that enables the integration of this information at the personal, state, and national level. This includes solutions for electronic health records, de-identification of sensitive data (IGS Asset 6949-21V), mobile health information and Interoperability following the IHE XDS proposition.
  • Leadership in standards bodies, including IHE, HL7, and clinical genomics.



Yardena Peres, Manager Healthcare and Life Sciences, IBM Research - Haifa

: Manager Healthcare and Life Sciences, IBM Research - Haifa