The Social Analytics and Technologies group focuses its research on people-centric networks, especially those with a significant impact on business. Our goal is to help businesses increase and improve collaboration and engagement. We do this through innovations that use analytics and artificial intelligence to build capabilities such as: personalized and contextual prioritization, discovery, summarization and recommendation services, enterprise personal assistant solutions, user profiles with embedded network analytics platforms, and more.

Our areas of expertise span social collaboration in the enterprise, using systems such as enterprise social networking, email, chat and personal assistants / bots, to the domains of HR, healthcare and DevOps.

We employ technologies such as Big Data analytics, search systems and graph technologies, and research algorithmic domains such as information retrieval, graphs and network analysis, machine learning, topic extraction, recommender systems, and summarization.


Personal Assistants

Personal Assistants in the Enterprise

Our Personal Collaboration Assistant (PCA) is a unique cognitive personal assistant that learns your preferences and work habits, and then proactively applies this knowledge to help you get your job done better and faster.

The PCA is designed to help employees deal with the increasing amounts of data and multiple tasks at work; it prepares the employee ahead of the work day, helps prepare for meetings, and generates customized summaries of conversations, messages, and meetings.

Enterprise Social Network Analytics

Enterprise Social Network Analytics

We research and develop AI algorithms for graph-based Big Data algorithms over information from enterprise social media, email, and chat platforms. Our tools guide employees throughout their engagement with personalized insights and recommendations based on their social personas. Our analytics also help enterprises in attrition risk managements, reorganization, and more.

Our research combines practices from Human Computer Interaction (HCI), computer science, and sociology.

Social Search and Recommendation

Social Search and Recommendation

Social media platforms are popular in many enterprises, enabling employees to contribute, interact, and collaborate. Paradoxically, although these platforms provide new and valuable user-generated content such as blogs, wikis, email, and chat, they can also lead to overload. Employees are more frequently distracted and need guidance to identify what to focus on, and what is of interest and importance.

We use this rich social media content, leveraging the connections and relationships between people and content, to research and develop advanced use cases such as social network extraction, social search, expertise identification, social recommender systems of people and content, summarization, and more.