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Social Analytics & Technologies

The Social Analytics & Technologies group develops and studies Web 2.0 and social media technologies, in which people play a key role. We focus on all system levels, from the data model and backend, through the algorithms, to the user interface. We specialize in social network mining and analysis, recommender systems, social search and expertise location, social applications for the enterprise, and crowd computing. Our research lies mostly within Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and Social Collaboration (CSCW), but we also explore aspects of knowledge and information management, data mining, and artificial intelligence.

Currently, the activities within the group focus on three areas:

Social Analytics – Analysis of social media data and the relationships among people, documents, and tags, to support recommendation of people and content, social search and discovery including personalized search, network visualization, expertise location, reputation, and more.

Social Business Processes – Social enablement of business processes, by integration of social features, such as sharing with different social circles and the entire enterprise, rating, tagging, commenting, and more. Previously, we have focused on enterprise social travel, and are now looking into other areas, such as eLearning and CRM.

Crowd Computing – Harnessing the wisdom of the crowd to solve challenging computation and business problems by using people as sensors and integrating their contributions within socially synergetic systems. We explore incentive mechanisms, focusing on human computation games, and methods for rewarding and reputation management.


Lior Leiba, Manager Social Analytics & Technologies, IBM Research - Haifa

: Manager Social Analytics & Technologies, IBM Research - Haifa

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