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Social Events and Excursions

Beit She'an tour and dinner

We will depart from Haifa along the hills of Menashe and drive past Tel-Megiddo, where 21 layers of history have been unearthed, including one of King Solomon's chariot cities. Megiddo, also known as Armageddon, overlooks the Jezreel Valley and is said to be the site of the last battle. The ancient fortified town was located at one of the most important crossroads in the ancient world and as such was the site of numerous battles throughout history.

Next, we will pass by Kibbutz Beit Alfa, located at the foot of Mt. Gilboa. King Saul and three of his sons were killed by the Philistines on Mt. Gilboa, and it was here that David lamented their deaths. At the kibbutz, a 6th century mosaic floor with astrological and Biblical motifs was unearthed to reveal an ancient synagogue.

From there, we continue to Beit She'an. Located 17 miles (27 km) south of the Sea of Galilee, Beit She'an is situated at the strategic junction of the Harod and Jordan Valleys. The fertile land and abundance of water there led the Jewish sages to say, "If the Garden of Eden is in the land of Israel, then its gate is Beit She'an." Not surprisingly, the site has been almost continuously settled from the days of the Chalcolithic period to the present. Excavations have been conducted there since in 1921. We will walk through ruins dating back to the Roman and Byzantine periods and see the reconstructed Roman theater and the Cardo, the Roman colonnaded main street.

We will then enjoy a dinner in the Mt. Gilboa area and return to Haifa.

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