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LADIS 2007 Workshop



Large-Scale Distributed Systems and Middleware (LADIS)
Sponsored by IBM and the Technion Electrical Engineering Department

Program, 20 March, at the Technion, Electrical Engineering Department, Mayer Building, 10th floor

Technion campus map

Workshop Program PDF version for printing (346 KB)

08:15 Pickup from Holiday Inn Lobby

08:30 Gathering, 10th floor lobby

Large-Scale Middleware
Chair: Luis Rodrigues, U. Lisboa, Room 1061

09:00 Towards Large-Scale Replicated Databases
Ricardo Jimenez-Peris, Marta Patino-Martinez, Damian Serrano, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid; Bettina Kemme, McGill University

09:40 Adaptive Hierarchical Clustering of Message Flows in a Multicast Pub/Sub System
Yoav Tock, Nir Naaman, Avi Harpaz, Gidon Gershinsky, IBM Haifa Research Labs

10:20 Coffee break, 10th floor lobby

Chair: Roy Friedman, Technion, Room 1061

10:40 On Implementing Robust and Resilient Mediators
Ittai Abraham, Danny Dolev, Joseph Y. Halpern

11:20 Highly-Concurrent Data Structures
Hagit Attiya, Eshcar Hillel, Technion
Discussion: Future of P2P
12:00 Moderated open discussion session
Moderator: Danny Dolev, Hebrew U.

13:10 Lunch, 10th floor lobby

14:30 Excursion incl. coffee, tour, dinner