IBM Haifa LabsTechnion

LADIS 2007 Workshop



Large-Scale Distributed Systems and Middleware (LADIS)
Sponsored by IBM and the Technion Electrical Engineering Department

Program, 19 March, at the IBM Haifa Research Lab

Workshop Program PDF version for printing (348 KB)

08:30 Pickup from Holiday Inn lobby

09:00 Gathering, breakfast, registration

09:20 Opening remarks
Oded Cohn, Director, IBM Haifa Research Lab

09:30 Keynote speaker: Quicksilver: A Scalable and Reliable Multicast Platform
Ken Birman, Cornell

10:30 P2P for Enterprise Middleware
David Chess, Mike Spreitzer, Malgorzata Steinder, Asser Tantawi, Ian Whalley, Chunqiang Tang, IBM Watson Research Center

11:10 Coffee break

Middleware Support Large-scale Distributed Systems
Chair: Gregory Chockler, IBM

11:30 Programming Language Support for Large-Scale Distributed Systems
Patrick Eugster, Purdue University

12:10 Data-centric Networking
Hans-Arno Jacobsen, University of Toronto

12:50 A Scalable P2P Architecture for Topic-based Event Dissemination
Roberto Baldoni, Roberto Beraldi, Vivien Quema, Leonardo Querzoni, Sara Tucci-Piergiovanni, University of Roma

13:30 Lunch

Systems, Storage, and Services: Recent Advances and Vision for the Future
Chair: Eliezer Dekel, IBM

14:15 The Future Of Computer Systems - Is it Already Here?
Yaron Weinsberg, Danny Dolev, Pete Wyckoff, Tal Anker, Hebrew University

14:55 High Performance Clusters
Liran Liss, Mellanox

15:35 The Telco Data Grid: Xeround's Carrier Grade Real-time
Gilad Zlotkin, Xeround

16:15 Efficient Distributed Collaboration via Geometric Constraints
Assaf Schuster, Technion

16:55 Concluding remarks

17:00 Cocktail reception at IBM Haifa