Special Invited Guest

Title: Verification Tribes, their Habits and Terminologies
Yoav Hollander, Founder, Foretellix ltd

This presentation will discuss the various verification tribes (i.e. the verification people coming from HW, embedded systems, automotive, security, defense and so on). These tribes differ in terminology, goals, practices and beliefs, but also have a lot in common.

The presentation will try to highlight those differences and commonalities. It will hopefully be entertaining, and perhaps contribute to better inter-tribe understanding.

Speaker Bio
I have been involved in verification practically forever: I created the e verification language, and founded Verisity, which revolutionized how people do HW verification. Lately, I created Foretellix to investigate the verification challenges of complex socio-technical systems such as airports, hospitals and autonomous vehicles.

I hold a B.SC in computer science from Ben Gurion University.

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