Accepted Posters

  • L. Alt, G. Fedyukovich, A. E. J. Hyvarinen, and N. Sharygina
    A Proof-Sensitive Approach for Small Propositional Interpolants
  • Michael Bar-Sinai, Assaf Marron, and Gera Weiss
    A Behavioral-Programming Based Architecture for Heterogeneous, Verifiable and Executable Requirements
  • Nimrod Busany and Shahar Maoz
    Behavioral Log Analysis with Statistical Guarantees
  • Ondrej Cekan and Zkenek Kotasek
    Assembly Program Generation for Processors
  • Jonathan Kalechstain, Vadym Ryvchin, and Nachum Dershowitz
    Using Hints to Speed-Up SAT
  • Rajdeep Mukherjee
    Abstract CDCL for Hardware Verification
  • Heinrich Kiessling, Martin Nowack, Frank Busse, and Christof Fetzer
    Improving Cache Efficiency of Symbolic Execution

Keynote Speakers

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