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HVC 2009
Haifa Verification Conference 2009

October 19-22, 2009
Organized by IBM R&D Labs in Israel

image: IBM and Haifa

Mark Harman

The SBSE Approach to Automated Optimization of Verification and Testing

The aim of Search Based Software Engineering (SBSE) research is to provide automated optimization for activities right across the Software Engineering spectrum using a variety of techniques from the metaheuristic search, operations research and evolutionary computation paradigms. The SBSE approach has recently generated a great deal of interest, particularly in the field of Software Testing. There is a natural translation from test input spaces to the search spaces on which SBSE operates and from test criteria and goals to the formulation of the fitness functions with which the search based optimization algorithms are guided. This makes SBSE compelling and generic; many testing problems can be formulated as SBSE problems. This talk will give an overview of SBSE applications to testing, verification and debugging with some recent results and pointers to open problems and challenges.

Mark Harman is known for work on program Slicing and Testability Transformation and was instrumental in the establishment of the field of Search Based Software Engineering, the topic of his keynote talk at HVC 2009. He is the author of over 150 refereed publications, on the editorial board of 7 international journals and has served on 90 conference programme committees. Professor Harman is the director of the CREST centre at King's College London, which is currently home to 24 research staff and students, supported by a current funding portfolio in excess of 3m. More details are available from the CREST website.

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