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Cognitive Systems: The New Era of Computing

On Thursday November 21, 2013, IBM Research – Haifa will bring together thought leaders and senior practitioners from Israel and abroad to take a closer look at the future of cognitive systems and identify the issues that will drive this exciting area forward.

Cognitive computing is about drawing inspiration from the human brain while respecting the technological constraints in society to build new computers and services that will help make the world work better.

As the world enters this new era of cognitive computing, we are seeing a fundamental shift in the way technology is being built. The computers we've been using for the past years have been architected to separate memory and processes, crunching data in a sequential fashion or according to a prewritten program. Our brains intertwine memory and processing, so we can't really simulate the brain using traditional computing architecture.

IBM is embracing this new approach, where computers are built to function more like biological systems that respond and react fluidly to what's going on around them. These new computing systems are essential to helping us access and gain insight from the huge volumes of information being created today.

The program's topics will cover areas such as the human brain, machine vision, robotics, natural language processing, and reasoning—with a special focus on the role of machine learning in these areas. Our distinguished speakers include leading scientists, industry experts, researchers, and practitioners.

A shuttle will be available to transport guests of the colloquium from the Hof HaCarmel train station to the IBM Research lab.

This colloquium will be held in Haifa, Israel and is co-located with the IBM Research Seminar on Machine Learning (November 20, 2013).


For more information on the events please contact:

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