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Systems and Storage Seminar 2004

Visitors information

PDF version for printing (45 KB)

09:15 Arrival

09:30 Welcome,
Michael Rodeh, Director, IBM Haifa Labs

09:45 Resource Allocation and Utilization in the Blue Gene/L Supercomputer,
Tamar Domany, IBM Haifa Labs

10:10 High Speed Total Order for SAN Infrastructure,
Ilya Shnayderman, Danny Dolev, Tal Anker, Gregory Greenman, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

10.35 Scalability Issues in Storage Area Networks,
Eitan Maggeni, StoreAge

11:00 Break

11:20 Virtualization Using Linux & Open source,
Ami Shlezinger, Israel Aircraft Industries Ltd

11:45 Information vs. Speed Tradeoff in Journal,
Philip Derbeko, SANRad

12:10 Distribution & Consistency Services (DCS) - Towards Flexible Levels of Availability,
Eliezer Dekel, IBM Haifa Labs

12:35 AGRID - Distributed and Autonomous Agent-based Resource Management and Scheduling Middleware,
Yoav Levy, Tsahi Birk Electrical Engineering Department, Technion

13:00 Lunch

14:00 Keynote: Storage Aggregation for Performance and Availability: The Path from Physical RAID to Virtual Objects,
Garth Gibson, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer Panasas, Inc. Associate Professor CMU

14:50 Multilevel Cache Management Based on Application Hints,
Gala Yadgar, Assaf Schuster, Dr. Michael Factor, Computer Science Department, Technion

15:15 Break

15:30 Storage System & Application in the Consumer Electronics World,
Stephen Cumpson, Philips Research

16:05 Challenges and Solutions in Remote Mirroring,
Aviad Zlotnik, IBM Haifa Labs

16:30 Modeling Disk Activity Using Very Little Data,
Eitan Bachmat, Ben Gurion University

16:55 Concluding Remarks,
Alain Azagury, Mgr., Storage and Systems, IBM Haifa Labs

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