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Speech Technologies Seminar 2008
July 02, 2008
Organized by IBM Haifa Research Lab

Posters Session

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Improvements and Generalizations of the SVM Re-scoring Algorithm of Continuous HMMs
Amir Alfandary and David Burshtein (Tel-Aviv University)

Real Time Translation Services
Shay Ben-David (IBM Haifa Research Lab)

Persay Submission for NIST Speaker Recognition Evaluation 2008
Ran Gazit, Nir Krause and Gennady Karvitsky (Persay)

Hybrid Approach for Age Detection
Ron M Hecht, Ruth Aloni-Lavi, Gil Dobry, Amir Alfandary, Navot Akiva and Ido Abramovich (Pudding Media)

Gaussian Information Bottleneck Method for Speaker Recognition
Ron M Hecht (Tel-Aviv University), Elad Noor (Weizmann Institute) and Naftali Tishby (Hebrew University)

What Does it Feel Like to Lose? Emotions Elicited in a Voice Operated Gambling Game
Noam Amir (Tel Aviv University)

Embedded TTS Development at IBM Haifa Research Lab
Zvi Kons, Slava Shechtman, Yael Erez, and Asaf Rendel (IBM Haifa Research Lab)

Reverberation Matching for Speaker Recognition
Itay Peer, Boaz Rafaely, and Yaniz Zigel (Ben-Gurion University)

The Effect of GMM Order and CMS on Speaker Recognition with Reverberant Speech
Noam R. Shabtai, Yaniv Zigel, and Boaz Rafaely (Ben-Gurion University)

Enhancing Speaker Recognition with Virtual Examples
Yosef Solewicz (Israeli National Police) and Hagai Aronowitz (IBM Haifa Research Lab)

Speech Acquisition and Processing in HERMES EU FP7 Project
Alex Sorin, Hagai Aronowitz, and Jonathan Mamou (IBM Haifa Research Lab)

Iterative Learning & Applications to Meta Data Extraction
Roman Talyansky and Alon Itay (Technion)