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Software Testing Seminar 2004

Visitors information
Verification and Testing Solutions in HRL

IBM Software Testing Seminar 2004 - Program
December 23, 2004

PDF version for printing (43 KB)

09:00 Arrival

09:20 Welcome,
David Bernstein, Manager, Software and Verification Technologies, IBM Haifa Labs

Session I: Multi-threading

09:30 Thread Checker: Saving Valuable Time Otherwise Spent Searching for Hard-to-find Threading Errors,
Koby Gottlieb, Intel

10:10 Tool-supported Methodology for Handling Multi-threaded Applications,
Eitan Farchi, IBM Haifa Labs

10:45 Scaling Model Checking of Dataraces Using Dynamic Information,
Ohad Shacham, IBM Haifa Labs and Tel-Aviv University

11:20 Break

Session II: Testing with AOP

11:45 Aspects and Verification: Challenges and Opportunities,
Shmuel Katz, Technion

12:25 Multi-threaded testing with AOP is easy, and it finds bugs!,
Shady Copty, IBM Haifa Labs

13:00 Lunch

Session III: Industrial Experience, part 1

14:00 Panel: What Makes a Testing Tool Usable,
Panelists: John Neystadt - Microsoft, Shmuel Bashan - Rational IBM, Shmuel Ur - Research IBM, Haim Arama - Tesnet

15:00 Testing in Communication Satellite Amos 2,
Arie Hopfeld, IAI

15:40 Break

Session IV: Industrial Experience, part 2

16:00 Keyword-driven Testing,
Ayal Cohen & Tal Joseph, Mercury

16:40 Security Bulletins - Lessons Learnt, Changing the Way We Test Products and Patches,
John Neystadt, Microsoft

17:20 Concluding Remarks,
Orit Edelstein, IBM Haifa Labs

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