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Software Testing and Verification Seminar 2003

Visitors information
Software Testing and Verification in HRL

Seminar's Program (pdf 17KB)

9:00 Arrival

9:30 Welcome,
Michael Rodeh, Director, IBM Haifa Research Lab

9:45 Interleaving Review Technique,
Shachar Fienblit, IBM Haifa Labs

10:20 Proving Termination One Loop at a Time,
Michael Codish, Ben Gurion University

10:55 A Case Study on Performance Improvement of Applications,
Gad Haber, IBM Haifa Labs

11:30 Coffee break

11:55 GES - Generic Environment Simulator,
Yossi Shachar and Ori Kovetz, Rafael

12:35 Static Code Analysis Procedures in the Development Cycle at Microsoft,
Mooly Beeri, Microsoft

13:10 Lunch

14:00 Keynote: Ongoing Improvement Case Study,
Noam Sharon, Director of QA for Mercury

15:00 Fidgeting till the Point of no Return,
Marina Biberstein, IBM Haifa Labs

15:35 Break

15:50 The AGEDIS Productivity Tools and UML Execution Framework,
Alan Hartman, IBM Haifa Labs

16:25 Regression-verification of C Programs,
Ofer Strichman, Technion

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