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Programming Languages and Development Environments Seminar 2004

Visitors information

Seminar's Program - PDF version for printing (20KB)

9:15 Arrival

9:30 Welcome,
Gabi Zodik, Manager, Programming Languages and Environments, IBM Haifa Research Lab

9:45 Keynote: Two Techniques for Software Engineering: Reactive Animation and Smart Play-Out,
David Harel, Weizmann Institute of Science

10:45 Coffee break and demos

11:15 Aspects and their Potential Harm,
Shmuel Katz, The Technion

11:45 AspectJ2EE = AspectJ + J2EE,
Yossi Gil and Tal Cohen, The Technion

12:15 A Model for Evaluating the Cost-Effectiveness of Software Reuse Alternatives,
Amir Tomer, Rafael Ltd, Leah Goldin, Golden Solutions, Tsvi Kuflik, ILTAM, Esther Kimchi, Tadiran Electronics Systems Ltd., and Stephen R. Schach, Vanderbilt University

12:45 Manage the Application Chaos: Impact Analysis for Cross Domain Enterprise Applications,
Iftach Ragoler, Sara Porat, Avi Yaeli, Sharif Mograbi, Shiri Dori, Guy Rosman, IBM Haifa Research Lab

13:15 Lunch and demos

14:15 Keynote: MDA: Concepts and Practice,
Alan Brown, Manager, MDD Product Strategy, Rational Software, IBM Software Group

15:00 Data Access Fusion (DAF) design pattern for object oriented information system applications,
Eitan Hadar, Netanya Academic College

15:30 Coffee break

15:45 Automatic Discovery of Software Contracts,
Yishai Feldman and Leon Gendler, The Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya

16:15 From Text to Business System Models with OPM: SMART Model Acquisition from Requirements Text,
Dov Dori, Nahum Korda, Avi Soffer, and Shalom Cohen, The Technion

16:45 Concluding Remarks,
Michael Rodeh, Director, IBM Haifa Research Lab

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