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IBM Programming Languages and Development Environments Seminar 2009
on Innovations and Business Value in Software Development
April 22, 2009
Organized by IBM Haifa Research Lab

Call for Contribution - Closed!

Software development environments have changed significantly in the last decade, both physically and technically. We are seeing war rooms and talking walls, as well as dynamic programming languages, model-driven development, automatic testing, and integration tools. Software development methods have changed to support better collaboration with the customer and the way software processes are managed and governed. Today's Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) contain comprehensive sets of tools to accommodate these changes.

Recently there has been a growing emphasis on the business perspective, as software organizations seek to leverage innovations in programming languages and development environments to increase their business value. Issues that need to be studied include how to measure the effectiveness of tools and techniques, and how to establish and maintain high product quality.

The purpose of this one-day seminar is to discuss recent innovations in the area of programming languages and development environments and how they provide business value, and to promote collaboration among researchers and practitioners in this area.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Methods and tools and their expression in the development environment
  • Physical changes in software development environments
  • Business aspects of software development
  • Project and portfolio management in software development
  • Model-driven development in software development environments
  • Modern programming paradigms and their tool support
  • Governance of software development

We invite researchers and practitioners to contribute their visions of software development environments. We invite submissions of:

  • Technical papers describing relevant research
  • Position papers describing innovative ideas and research in progress
  • Experience reports
  • Demonstrations of techniques and tools

Submissions should not exceed three pages and should specify one kind of contribution (technical paper, position paper, experience report, or demonstration).

Important Dates
Submissions due February 19, 2009
Notifications of acceptance March 3, 2009

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