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Workshop on Parallel and Distributed Systems:
Testing, Analysis, and Debugging

In conjunction with
International Symposium on Software Testing and Analysis
(ISSTA 2008)
July 20-21 2008
Seattle, WA

Keynote: Software Development Tools for Multi-Core/Parallel Programming

Dr. Ramesh Peri (Intel)

The new era of multi-core processors is bringing unprecedented computing power to the mainstream desktop applications. In order to fully exploit this compute power one has to delve into the world of parallel programming which until today has been the exclusive domain of High Performance Computing Community. This talk will focus on the current state of the art in parallel programming tools that is applicable for developers of mainstream parallel applications with emphasis on software development tools like compilers, debuggers, performance analysis tools and correctness checking tools for parallel programs. I will share some of the challenges that developers face today in developing applications for multi-core systems containing a small number of homogeneous cores (2 to 8) and discuss the situation we will face with the advent of systems containing many more heterogeneous cores in next few years.

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