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IBM Research

Information Retrieval/Search Technologies Seminar 2007

IBM Haifa Labs

Invitation Program Registration Abstracts

June 27, 2007
Organized by IBM Research Lab in Haifa, Israel

Program PDF version for printing (117 KB)

09:00 Registration, Light Refreshments

09:20 Opening Remarks,
Ronny Lempel, IBM Haifa Research Lab

09:30 Cluster Ranking,
Ziv Bar-Yossef, Google Inc. (Haifa) and Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Technion, Israel

10:00 Using Text Analytics Techniques to Improve User Search Experience,
Josemina Magdalen, Development Team Leader, Content Discovery Engineering, IBM Israel Software Labs, Jerusalem

10:30 IR on Semistructured Data: from XML Trees to Entity-Relation Graphs,
Gerhard Weikum, Research Director, Max-Planck Institute for Informatics (MPII), Saarbruecken, Germany

11:10 Coffee Break

11:30 PageRank and Hubs and Authorities Without Hyperlinks: Structural Re-ranking of Search Results using Links Induced by Language Models,
Oren Kurland, Faculty of Industrial Engineering & Management, Technion, Israel

12:00 Incremental Caching for Collection Selection Architectures,
Fabrizio Silvestri, Institute of Information Science and Technologies, National Research Council (ISTI-CNR), Pisa, Italy

12:30 XML Fragments Extended with Database Operators,
Benjamin Sznajder, IBM Haifa Research Lab

13:10 Lunch

14:10 Keynote: Algorithmic Advertising,
Andrei Broder, Fellow and VP of Emerging Search Technology, Yahoo! Research, USA

15:00 High Throughput Real-Time IR Solution for the Financial Community,
Yonatan Ben-Simhon, AOL Relegence Israel Ltd.

15:30 Coffee Break

15:45 A Novel Approach for Speech Information Retrieval,
Jonathan Mamou, IBM Haifa Research Lab

16:15 Panel: Web 2.0 Impact on Search,
Moderator: David Konopnicki, Manager, Search Technologies Development, IBM Haifa Research Lab

17:00 Concluding Remarks,
Aya Soffer, Department Group Manager, Information and User Technologies, IBM Haifa Research Lab


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