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IBM R&D Labs in Israel

The New Generation of EHR - Driving Healthcare Transformation

Organized by IBM Research – Haifa, University of Haifa, Cleveland Clinic, and Rambam Medical Center
Hosted by IBM Research – Haifa
in collaboration with the Israeli Association for Medical Informatics
December 6, 2012
IBM Research - Haifa, Israel

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You are cordially invited to attend a symposium on EHR healthcare transformation. A new generation of Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems and ontologies is now emerging. It is a result of major transformations in healthcare information technologies used by healthcare providers and other health stakeholders to reengineer the so-called legacy systems, including the aging electronic medical records systems. In addition, a new generation of EHR-related standards is now available for a coherent EHR information representation, which enables a more meaningful use of structured data for various advanced services such as clinical decision support and clinical pathways management.

The new generation of EHR also accommodates new types of big data such as high- throughput omics data (e.g., New Generation Sequencing), medical sensor stream data (e.g., home care devices) and new types of imaging. This constantly growing heterogeneity of the EHR source data calls for ongoing processing and analytics for curation, summarization, reasoning, and more.

The symposium consists of two parts:

  • Part 1: Understanding the new generation of EHR
    • EHR functional and informational aspects
    • EHR analytics for the individual
    • Analytics of population EHRs
  • Part 2: Sustainability of longitudinal and cross-institutional EHRs
    • Review of national EHR projects around the globe
    • The vision of Independent Health Record Banks
    • Discussion of the Israeli national health information exchange project

Attendance is free but registration is required.

Seminar's Program
PDF version for printing (242 KB)

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