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Family Health History Workshop
Challenges in Utilizing Family Health History for Better Care
November 17, 2011
Organized by IBM Haifa Research Lab


IBM Research Lab in Haifa is hosting a workshop on family health history. This domain is a challenging test case for healthcare information technologies as it requires the convergence of technologies and information relating to EHR, PHR and Genomics in a way that enables clinical decision support applications to run effectively, in particular when it comes to prevention and early detection of hereditary diseases. Family health history remains the most unused resource in healthcare despite the fact that it is the best and least expensive genetic 'test' currently available for clinical use. Many obstacles stand in the way of efficiently using family health history, spanning from collecting the data from patients and their relatives, structuring and analyzing the data, standardizing the data for interoperability and finally obstacles relating to the wide range of ethical issues arising when dealing with family relationships.

In this workshop, key speakers specializing in family health history will discuss the above issues and describe in detail the applications they have developed to address the challenges. In the discussion session at the end of the workshop, an attempt will be made to reach a consensus on how to promote the use family health history.

This event is sponsored by IBM Research - Haifa.

Attendance is free but registration is required and space is limited.

Registration should be done at the meeting site:

For more information, please contact Amnon Shabo at

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Amnon Shabo, IBM Research - Haifa

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Yael Hay-Karsenty, IBM Research - Haifa

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Yair Harry, IBM Research - Haifa