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Clinical Genomic Analysis Workshop
March 2, 2010
Organized by the IBM Research - Haifa


09:50 Registration

10:10 Opening Remarks,
Oded Cohn, Director, IBM Research - Haifa

10:30 Keynote: Postgenomic Era and P4 Medicine: Integrative Systems Biology Approaches
Pierre Baldi, University of California Irvine

11:30 Break

11:45 Exploiting Population Diversity in the Analysis of Human Genetic Variation
Eran Halperin, Tel-Aviv university

12:10 Mapping by Admixture Aberration Analysis using pooled DNA
Sivan Bercovici, Technion

12:35 Enhancing Genetic Association Studies by Reordering Relevant SNPs
Hani Neuvirth-Telem, IBM

13:00 Prediction using GWA Data: Utilising Pathway Analysis and Shrinkage Regression - Case-study on 3 Inflammatory Diseases
Clive Hoggart, Imperial College


14:30 Panel: From Ivory Tower to Hospital - Bringing Clinical Genomic Research to the Medical Practice
Jacques Beckmann, Mordechai Muszkat and Fabio Macciardi

15:15 What Can Be Learned from a Large Clinical Cohort
Sven Bergmann, University of Lausanne

15:45  Break

16:00  Pharmacogenomic Studies in Hypertension using Genome-Wide and Candidate Genes Strategies
Erika Salvi, University of Milano

16:20  Genomewide Association Study for Schizophrenia in an Arab Israeli Family Sample
Ana Alkelai, Hadassah - Hebrew University Medical Center

16:40  The HIV Cohort Data Study: Selection and Assessment of SNP-drug Interactions Affecting Lipid Responses of HIV Patients to Antiretroviral Treatment
Diana Marek, University of Lausanne and Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics

17:00 Poster Session and Light Refreshments

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