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IBM Research

Business Optimization and Operations Research Workshop 2007

IBM Haifa Labs

Invitation Program Registration Abstracts

June 24, 2007
Organized by IBM Research Lab in Haifa, Israel

PDF version for printing (102 KB)

09:00 Arrival

09:15 Welcome,
Oded Cohn, IBM Haifa Research Lab

09:30 Service Engineering: Data-Based Science & Teaching in Support of Service Management,
Avishai Mandelbaum, Technion

10:30 Simple Approximation for the Time-Varying M(t)/M/s,
Zohar Feldman, IBM Haifa Research Lab

11:00 Stable Matching - Assignment of Students to the Dormitories,
Uriel Rothblum, Technion

11:45 Break

12:00 Using Stochastic Local Search for Optimizing Vehicle Configuration,
Bella Dubrov, IBM Haifa Research Lab

12:30 Cost Allocation in Supply Chains and Service Systems,
Shoshana Annily, Tel-Aviv University

13:15 Lunch

14:15 Keynote: Robust Solutions of Uncertain Optimization Problems,
Aharon Ben-Tal, Technion

15:15 Multi-Agent Systems: The Agent Perspective,
Moshe Tennenholtz, Technion

16:00 Break

16:15 Exact and Approximate Solutions of Source Localization Problem,
Amir Beck, Technion

17:00 Online Ascending Auctions for Gradually Expiring Items,
Ron Lavi, Technion

17:45 Calculating the Business Importance of Entities in a Service-Oriented Enterprise,
Segev Wasserkrug, IBM Haifa Research Lab

18:15 Concluding Remarks,
Dagan Gilat, IBM Haifa Research Lab


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