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Ed Kahan Business Optimization Leadership Seminar
Smarter Operations for Smarter Planet
June 30, 2010
Organized by IBM Research – Haifa


Purchasing Commitments to Encourage Pharmaceuticals to Invest in Research and Development and Production Capacity of Drugs and Vaccines for Low Income Countries
Prof. Yehuda Bassok, Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California

Developing and producing drugs and vaccines is a risky business. First, the success rate for developing new drugs and vaccines is low, and R&D costs are high. Second, investments in research and development, production capacity, and production are very large and irreversible. If the demand for drugs or vaccines is high, investors enjoy high profits. But if the demand does not materialize, investors can lose hundreds of million of dollars. These risks are universal and widespread all over the world; in high income countries as well as medium and low income countries. The difference between the low income and high income countries is that in the low income countries neither the population nor the government can afford to pay the full price of drugs and vaccines. Thus, pharmaceutical companies do not have an incentive to develop and produce new drugs and vaccines. The objective of this study is to design mechanisms to encourage the development of new vaccines and drugs, and motivate manufacturers to build capacity and produce the appropriate quantities of drugs and vaccines. We develop a payment mechanism that encourages pharmaceutical companies to develop and produce drugs and at the same time encourages states and donors to reveal their true demand and not to inflate it.

Leveraging Information and Analytics for Smarter Decisions and Optimized Performance
Mr. Michael J. Schroeck, IBM Business Analytics and Optimization, Global Business Services

The demand from organizations to gain as much value as possible from their data is unprecedented. With one of every two leaders indicating they do not have access to the information they need to do their job, the demand for knowledge of business analytics and optimization is growing rapidly. In this talk you will gain a perspective on how companies can use information and business analytics to optimize performance.

How to Lead in a Smarter Planet
Pnina Vortman, IBM Academy of Technology Smarter Planet Solutions Innovation Lead, IBM Research - Haifa

The challenges of change in our world and major shifts in the application of new technology are reshaping the IT industry and our world, creating increasing value in a new economic environment. Advanced analytics are shaping the massive quantities of data collected through instrumentation and integration of systems to improve operational efficiency and assist in making forward-looking decisions. These smarter systems demand a different kind of leadership that can harness the possibilities of a smarter planet.

Smarter Water: Water Operations and Management Challenges and Opportunities in a Smarter Planet
Dr. Segev Wasserkrug, IBM Research - Haifa

Water is a basic need, and the demands for water of sufficient quality and quantity and for handling wastewater are becoming issues for all nations, even for those who have a large supply. Therefore, intelligent ways of managing and operating the urban and regional water systems are required. Data that is made available today using smart sensors can revolutionize water and wastewater operations and management. For example, the threat of pollution of water resources by wastewater and storm water can be resolved with an advanced water management system via intelligent automation and proactive actions, while operators can take advantage of analytics and visualization to respond quickly to events. In this talk, an overview of the challenges and opportunities for smarter water operation and management will be discussed. The talk will focus on several key challenges in operating and managing water systems. Details will be provided on how analytics and optimization can be applied to these specific challenges.

Research Collaboration between IBM and Academia
Dr. Segev Wasserkrug, IBM Research - Haifa

IBM Research has a strong tradition of research collaboration with academia. We go beyond the boundaries of our IBM labs to work with colleagues in universities around the world to solve real-world business and societal challenges. We foster collaborative relationships through fellowships, grants, and funding for programs of shared interest. In this talk, we will outline the multi-faceted collaboration activities that IBM Research in general and IBM Research – Haifa in particular have with universities.

A Simulator for Training Emergency Room Teams
Dr. Avraham Shtub, Technion

Based on recent developments in the areas of simulation based teaching, IBM Research, Hadassah Ein Karem Hospital and the Technion Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management are developing a simulator for Training Emergency Room Teams. This presentation will focus on the need for such a training environment and the solution developed so far by the research team.

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