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IBM Advanced Technology Solutions Seminar 2004

Visitors information

PDF version for printing in English (50 KB)
PDF version for printing in Hebrew (363 KB)

9:15 Arrival

9:30 Welcome,
Eran Dressler, Manager, Information Services, IBM Haifa Labs

9:40 Opening Remarks,
Michael Rodeh, Director, IBM Haifa Labs

10:00 Transition from Windows to Linux,
Oded Dubovsky and Iliya Kalderon, IBM Haifa Labs

10:30 Integrated Server/Storage/Network Management for Blades,
Ealan Henis, IBM Haifa Labs

11:00 Break

11:15 Tools for Mining and Migrating Enterprise Applications,
Sara Porat, IBM Haifa Labs

11:45 Business Continuity for an eBusiness World,
Amiram Hayardeny , IBM Haifa Labs

12:15 Knowledge Management in Rafael – The Technology Infrastructure Architecture,
Koby Katz, Rafael

13:30 Lunch

14:30 Work Station Security Tool, TCO, and How to deal with Edge H/W,
Michael Plotinsky, IBM Haifa Labs

14:45 Security - Are We Doing Enough? - Citadel Project,
Zeev Sudman, Yariv Hakim, IBM Haifa Labs

15:00 Windows Self and Assisted Support Solutions,
Amnon Katalan and Assaf Parag, Gteko

15:45 Break

16:00 Automatic Multiple Site Public Information Display (Plasma),
Itay Cohen , IBM Haifa Labs

16:15 IP Phone and Wireless–Our Experience,
Victor Pergament, IBM Haifa Labs

16:30 Enterprise Collaboration with IBM Workplace: Present and Future,
Vova Soroka, IBM Haifa Labs

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