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IBM Advanced Technology Solutions Seminar 2004

Visitors information

Transition from Windows to Linux (Abstract)
Oded Dubovsky and Iliya Kalderon, IBM Haifa Labs

The importance of management and administrative tools is a very sensitive topic nowadays with the movement from Windows to Linux. We will present tools that were developed in the IS department of HRL. The first one is a tool that helps to migrate users' data from Windows to Linux as quickly, easily, and smoothly as possible. We will also focus on a Managed Client system, which enables a remote, easy to use, yet powerful and reliable management system.

Integrated Server/Storage/Network Management for Blades (Abstract)
Ealan Henis, IBM Haifa Labs

In this talk, we will present BladeCenter and integrated server/storage/network management for it. Integrated management treats management activities at a high level, for example, installing WebSphere/Linux on Blade 5, freeing the systems manager from breaking down the activities to low-level tasks to be carried out with individual servers, storage and network management tools.

Tools for Mining and Migrating Enterprise Applications (Abstract)
Sara Porat, IBM Haifa Labs

Enterprise software systems are often required to undergo transformations to take advantage of new technologies, such as Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), or in order to comply with new business requirements. The Software Asset Management (SAM) group in Haifa Research Lab develops techniques and tools that can increase an organization's ability to change its application portfolio. In this talk, we describe the capabilities of our tools for mining enterprise-wide applications, how to use them for searching and exploring SW assets, their support for impact analysis, and how they can provide a significantly more accurate and faster estimation of porting and migration projects. We will focus on the following three specific services:
  • Support for impact analysis of J2EE/Web applications, as integrated in WebSphere Studio Asset Analyzer
  • Tool suite that assists IGS to deliver code porting to Linux
  • Assessment workbench to help IBM move customers with VB-based applications to J2EE and WAS

Business Continuity for an eBusiness World (Abstract)
Amiram Hayardeny, IBM Haifa Labs

I will go over the definition of business continuity and its importance. I will explain the different types and levels of business continuity, and the various solutions there are to make sure that the business continues to operate even after its data is hit. I will discuss Metro Mirror and Global Mirror-the two solutions developed mainly here in Haifa for solving the very difficult problem of business continuity.

Knowledge Management in Rafael - the Technology Infrastructure Architecture (Abstract)
Koby Katz, Rafael

This lecture describes the architecture and infrastructure for knowledge management solutions in Refael. We will describe the general strategy and the components of the solution, and the connection between them. We will present lessons learnt and plans for solutions such as document management, content management, knowledge communities, organizational portals, and search tools.

Security-Are We Dong Enough? - Citadel Project (Abstract)
Zeev Sudman, Yariv Hakim, IBM Haifa Labs

We will present Citadel - the implementation of monitoring and traffic-blocking tools, highly increased network security and reduced malicious attacks. Using network monitoring tools, we are able to recognize "strange" computer behavior or attacks. We can even recognize some types of new viruses whose AV signature is not available yet, and which the most updated anti-virus software does not protect against.

Windows Self and Assisted Support Solutions (Abstract)
Amnon Katalan and Assaf Parag, Gteko

We will present Gteko's self and assisted support solutions. The presentation will include demonstrations of how typical support issues are addressed effectively using Gteko's products.

Automatic Multiple Site Public Information Display (Plasma) (Abstract)
Itay Cohen, IBM Haifa Labs

We will present a client server application for automatic scheduling and management of remote plasma displays.

This application allows us to power on the plasma for working day use, then power off at predefined times and to schedule the agenda up-front for fully automatic operation.

IP Phone and Wireless - Our Experience (Abstract)
Victor Pergament, IBM Haifa Labs

We present our traveling user experience using IP Telephony and the wireless connectivity from the ThinkPad all over the world.

Enterprise Collaboration with IBM Workplace: Present and Future (Abstract)
Vova Soroka, IBM Haifa Labs

In this talk, we present the new IBM Workplace suite of products, with an emphasis on the revolutionary Lotus Workplace collaboration platform.

We will present a short walkthrough of the new IBM Lotus Workplace product. We will present future directions of collaborative applications based on IBM Lotus Workplace by demonstrating the new paradigm for collaboration through the ActivityExplorer application.

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