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Systems and Storage Seminar 2003

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Seminar's Program (pdf 20KB)

9:15 Arrival

9:309:45 Opening Remarks,
Michael Rodeh, Director, IBM Haifa Labs

9:4510:10 Advanced FlashCopy for Leopardshark,
Amiram Hayardeni, Dalit Tzafrir, Sivan Tal, and Shachar Fienblit, IBM Haifa Labs

10:1010:35 Switch-based Storage Services,
Aviad Dagan Director, Product Management StoreAge Networking Technologies Ltd.

10:3511:00 Improving Database Functionality and Performance Using an Object Store Architecture,
Gary Valentin, Noam Rinetzky, and Michael Factor, IBM Haifa Labs

11:0011:20 Coffee break

11:2011:45 Association Rule Mining in Peer-to-Peer Systems,
Ran Wolff and Assaf Schuster, Technion
(Presentation - This presentation does not include the video that was shown during the seminar)

11:4512:10 Light-Weight Leases for Large-Scale Coordination,
Gregory Chockler and Dahlia Malkhi, Hebrew University

12:1012:35 Enabling High Performance Grid Computing,
Yaron Haviv, CTO, Voltaire Inc.

12:3513:00 Information Services to Provide Single System Image in a Grid,
Lior Amar, Amnon Barak, and Ilan Peer, Hebrew University

13:0014:00 Lunch

14:0014:50 Keynote: Scale and Performance in Networked Storage,
Brian Pawlowski, Vice President/Chief Architect, Network Appliance Inc.

14:5015:15 Introduction to Disk Scheduling,
Eitan Bachmat, Ben Gurion University

15:1515:30 Coffee break

15:3015:55 Toward Self-Stabilizing Operating Systems,
Shlomi Dolev and Reuven Yagel, Ben Gurion University

15:5516:20 OGSA-based Problem Determination: a Use Case,
Yariv Aridor, Yoav Gal, Zvi Har'El, Benny Rochwerger, and Mark Silberstein, IBM Haifa Labs

16:2016:45 Transparent Fault-Tolerant Java Virtual Machine,
Roy Friedman and Alon Kama, Technion

16:4517:00 Closing Remarks,
Alain Azagury, Mgr., Storage and Systems, IBM Haifa Labs

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