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Software Testing and Verification Seminar 2002

Preliminary Program
Visitors information
Confirmed participants
Software Testing and Verification in HRL

Available in pdf 39KB

9:15 Arrival

9:30 Welcome
Yossi Malka, IBM HRL

9:45 AGEDIS - Automated Model-based Test
Generation and Execution for Software,
Alan Hartman, IBM HRL (abstract , Presentation)

10:15 Efficient On-The-Fly Data Race
Detection in Multithreaded C++ Programs,
Assaf Schuster, Technion (abstract , Presentation)

10:45 Building Secure Code,
Oded Sacher, Microsoft (abstract , Presentation)

11:25 Break

11:40 A Case Study in Abstract Testing:
Checking Validity of String Operations,
Mooly Sagiv, TAU (abstract , Presentation)

12:20 Testing Multi Threaded Java Programs,
Shmuel Ur, IBM HRL (abstract , Presentation)

13:00 Directions in Formal Verification
of Software,
Ishai Rabinovitz, IBM HRL (abstract , Presentation)

13:30 Lunch

14.30 Keynote
Model-Checking and Abstraction to the Aid of Parameterized Systems
Amir Pnueli, Weizmann Institute of Science (abstract)

15:15 Using SW BlackBoxes to integrate root cause
analysis into the QA process,
Shlomo Wygodny, Identify (abstract)

15:55 Break

16:10 Detecting and solving common performance
problems of J2EE,
Eyal Oz, Mercury (abstract , Presentation)

16:50 Cross-fertilization between hardware
verification and software testing,
Avi Ziv, IBM HRL (abstract , Presentation)

17:20 Concluding Remarks,
Michael Rodeh, Director, IBM HRL

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