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A global research consortium focused on developing groundbreaking computing technologies.


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What is the Frontiers Institute?

For the first time in history, IBM Research is inviting partners to explore the furthest horizons of our research. Frontiers Institute members enjoy access to IBM Research infrastructure and scientists, through the Institute’s research agenda. Technical staff from member companies, known as scholars-in-residence, even have the opportunity to work alongside our scientists. Together we’re pushing the limits of today’s technologies, developing tomorrow’s computing architectures, and imagining the implications on business and society. Co-located in IBM Research labs across the world, Frontiers Institute research focuses on three themes, with projects that are each led by a dedicated principal investigator and a team of scientists and engineers.

Founding Members are: Samsung, JSR, Honda, Hitachi Metals, Nagase, and Canon.

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Research Themes

Quantum Leaps

Computing Reimagined

Computing Reimagined centers on reinventing the computing stack - just as IBM has been doing for more than 100 years - and developing new forms of artificial intelligence and quantum applications for a post-Moore’s Law world.


Data Experienced

Data experienced is our quest to analyze and interact with the massive explosion of data in the world and put it to use — to improve human health and well being, optimize productivity, and to improve materials discovery.


The Invisible Made Visible

The Invisible Made Visible is a concentrated effort to develop new measurement technologies to enable humanity to see activity and behavior from the nanoscale to the scope of complex systems and even beyond the visible spectrum.


Quantum Leaps

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