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Science and Technology

Science and Technology hero image - nanowires

InAs nanowires epitaxially grown on top of a silicon substrate using metal-organic chemical vapor deposition. Spacing between wires is 1 micrometer.

From the invention of DRAM to innovations in nanotechnology and silicon, IBM has been at the forefront of Science and Technology breakthroughs in materials, processes and devices. Through our expertise in the physical sciences, silicon technology, and communication and computation subsystems we’re helping to create the next generation of IBM systems, servers and storage products. We've also applied our research to a wide range of client needs, including projects to develop polymers that can destroy antibiotic resistant bacteria, polymers to more efficiently filter and desalinate water, and materials, devices and systems that convert sunlight into electricity.

View all of our projects in silicon, physics, and communication and computation subsystems.

Building next generation systems

We’re improving IBM systems through advancements in silicon, subsystem integration, non-volatile memory, lower power and high speed I/O and design improvements. Our exploratory programs examine technologies such as quantum computing, cognitive computing, carbon electronics and spintronics.

IBM Semiconductor solutions

Explore our full range of semiconductor technologies, products and services.

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Our leadership

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Solving client problems

Our expertise in creating next generation systems has led to many projects addressing a variety of client needs.

New hydrogel born from semiconductor research may help save lives

Hydrogel story thumbnail

ASTRON and IBM collaborate to explore the origins of the universe

Big Bang to Big Data Introduction

Cognitive systems: A new era of computing

Cognitive Systems Introduction


Our success comes through collaborative research with our many partners, including governments, research institutions, corporations, and universities.

Smarter Planet

Science and Technology efforts at IBM Research have contributed to many Smarter Planet initiatives.

Additional projects

Subsystem integration

Novel non-volatile memory

Past breakthroughs