Smarter Energy Research Institute (SERI)

Creating the utility of the future

As technology transforms both the delivery and requirements of energy, the Smarter Energy Research Institute (SERI) is working with energy and utility companies to develop innovative solutions for their businesses. SERI focuses on joint research efforts with clients in areas such as outage planning optimization, asset management optimization, integration of renewables and distributed energy resources, wide-area situational awareness and the participatory network.

Our focus

Working with energy and utility companies to transform their business through the use of advanced computation, predictive analytics and system optimization.


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Smarter Energy

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Our utility members

Join the Smarter Energy Research Institute

  • SERI seeks to address challenges that have not been solved by traditional approaches, coupling IBM's $6B investment in cross-industry analytics R&D with the deep industry expertise of utility members.
  • Membership requires a 2-year minimum commitment, in order to address large-scale business, planning or operational issues that will provide extraordinary value to the member.
  • Members are free to deploy the software code and algorithms developed in SERI, and are encouraged to participate in and contribute to each of their own projects as well as collaborate with and share in other members' projects.
  • Members define up to two projects with IBM Research, and have rights to the outcomes of all SERI projects.
  • Membership is limited, and members have a seat at the table with IBM Research to guide the direction of SERI through the Governance Committee.
  • For inquiries regarding joining SERI, please contact Larry Light (
Venn diagram showing: Creating a shared agenda, shared investments and shared success.