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Industrial polymers

IBM Research Discovers New Class of Industrial Polymers

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Scientists at IBM's Research lab in Almaden, CA have successfully demonstrated a new class of self-healing and super-strong polymer materials that could transform manufacturing and fabrication in the fields of transportation, aerospace, and microelectronics.

How to make an industrial polymer

Through the unique approach of combining high performance computing with synthetic polymer chemistry, the scientists discovered a new class of polymers that are resistant to cracking, stronger than bone, can reform to its original shape (self-heal), and completely recyclable. Also, these materials can be transformed into new polymer structures to further bolster their strength by 50% - making them ultra strong and lightweight. This could impact almost every industry looking to innovate across engineering, product design and spur new technologies.

Meet the researchers

  • Bob Allen

    Bob Allen

    Senior Manager, Chemistry/Materials,
    IBM Research - Almaden

  • James Hedrick

    James Hedrick

    Advanced Organic Materials,
    IBM Research - Almaden

  • Jeanette Garcia

    Jeannette Garcia

    Research in Polymer Synthesis and Characterization
    IBM Research - Almaden

  • Spike Narayan

    Spike Narayan

    Director, Science and Technology,
    IBM Research - Almaden

  • Jed Pitera

    Jed Pitera

    Research Staff Member,
    IBM Research - Almaden